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Parish Councils

The Parish Finance Council works cooperatively with the Parish Pastoral Council.  While they have distinct functions, both are concerned with the life and the mission of the parish. The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to promote the spiritual and pastoral growth of the parish community and to plan ways for the parish to carry out the mission of the Church. The Parish Pastoral Council represents the interests and pastoral needs of the entire parish. On the other hand, the purpose of the Finance Council is to assist the pastor in the administration of parish goods.

Despite these distinctions, the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council are related in their mutual concern for the life and the mission of the parish. For example, the Finance Council looks to the Pastoral Council for a statement of the mission of the parish and some type of pastoral plan with parish priorities. On the other hand, the Pastoral Council looks to the Finance Council for sound financial guidance and planning regarding the resources needed to develop and implement parish plans and programs. The Finance Council and the Parish Pastoral Council are urged to develop their relationship to each other through regular joint meetings, an exchange of the minutes of meetings, members of one group acting as liaison with the other group, etc.

Pastoral Council Members



Front Row: Evert Garcia (Vice-Chair);Nadine LeBlanc (Chair); Shelley Knorr (Secretary).

Back Row: Father Suresh; Mark Tejares; Maricar

Martin; Mary Coates; Lisa Ley; Neyda Long; Myra

Torralba (Couples for Christ) and Juanita Gaudet

Missing: Father Peter Osborne; Eden Laranjo and

Rodney Savidge

Finance Council Members

Chairperson:    Bernadet Samulski

Members:          Bob Scott

Members:          Anne Macies

Members:          Gerry Mercer

Members:          Georgina Jones

Members:          George MacMullin

Members:          Sheila McCarthy

Members:          Jim Partington


Bernadet Samulski (Chair)

Bob Scott

Anne Macies

Gerry Mercer

Georgina Jones

George MacMullin

Sheila McCarthy

Jim Partington

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