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Little Rock Scripture Study

Little Rock Scripture Study is a Diocesan-supported, parish-based program that originated in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1974, and has been offered in our parish since the fall of 2003.  Its purpose is to lead people to a greater understanding and appreciation of Scripture.  Through prayer, personal study, weekly small-group discussion and video lectures, we develop the connection between faith and daily life.  Specific books or themes contained in the Bible are selected for weekly study in both fall and winter terms. 

Although called "study" the program is not an intimidating academic exercise.  It involves assigned reading at home - helped greatly by the written commentary of a biblical scholar - followed by the sharing of insights at our weekly meetings.  We develope a strong sense of community in our journeying together and a greater awareness of the struggles we all face in trying to live our faith in a secular world.

Little Rock is open to anyone wishing the deeper personal relationship with God that can be found in reading and reflecting on the inspired words of Scripture….. and to anyone who is looking for a welcoming, supportive and engaged parish community.

Links & Resources

Little Rock Bible Study Website                                                                       


Facilitator: Jayne Nicki

Telephone: 453-9899


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